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Kamis, 03 Juli 2008

Your Body Is Amazing


Someone that normal release about 600,000 skin particles every hour, in annually 700 grams skin is release, at the 70 years totally he lost 50 kg of skin or about 2 / 3 his body weight.

Someone lose 45 strands of hair every day, but because the scalp contains 125,000 hairs, then lost it, is pointless. during his life he can lose more than 1.5 million hair.

Red blood cell (erythrocyte) his life is about 4 months, they traveled as far as 1,600 km.

Human brain, with 10 billion nerve cells stored more tightly than other tissues in the body, has the ability to record more than 86 million bytes of information (about 11 million letters) each day. estimated lifetime memory can accommodate up to 100 trillion bytes of information (12.5 trillion letters).

 If the metabolism energy in our body is changed, the energy equivalent with a 20–watt light bulb. 


Throat is the most busy road in the body, through the mouth, then to the throat, the people spend 40 tons of food for a living and breathing the air around 500,000 cubic meters of air.

If you sneeze strongly, the particle's speed i about 165 km / hour.

Brain neural circuit, which partially mapped by a neurologist, 1,400 times more complex than telephone network.

At this moment every second in your brain happen about 100,000 different chemical reactions. 

If everyone in the world (now 4.6 billion), speaking simultaneously, then the total energy will equal to the energy generated by a small power plant.

Every square inch of the human body average has 32 million bacteria, in all of the body total there are 100 billion bacteria, or 22 times the total world population.

Required 1/500 second to recognize an object after the light from the object pass the eye for the first time 

Heart every day spend amount of energy sufficient to lift objects weighing one ton to a height of 13 meters, at 50 years heart of someone who has done distinguished work equivalent with lifting objects weighing 18,000 tons to an altitude of 230 km. 

Human eyes are very sensitive, because in an ideal condition he can detect a match flame from a mountain peak in the evening although the distance is 80 km. 

Someone will die without sleep will be faster than starvation. death will occur after about 10 days without sleep, only a few weeks without food.

The fastest speed of impuls nerve from nerve to nerve in the brain is 400 km / hour. 

During 10 minutes have a sex, each pair release the energy no less than 3,000 watts. it is enough to run all household appliances including lights, refrigerator, and air-conditioning room for 10 minutes. 

Source : buku pintar senior

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